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The Antique & Collectors Centre is an established company, trading on the East Coast of England since 1965.

We have traded successfully by offering a fair and trusted service to thousands of customers

Please note that we do not currently provide a phone or online valuation service.


Please bring your items that you wish to sell into our shop in Scarborough.

If you are making a special journey you should phone first to ensure the correct buyer is available, 01723 365221.


NB. we are NOT buying cigarette cards at this time!



No Obligation Offers

We Buy: Postcards | Coins | Medals | Medallions | Banknotes | Jewelery | Antiques | Collectables | Ephemera | much more...


We also buy most items of gold:

Gold Rings and Gold Chains
Gold Albert Chains and Gold Half Alberts
Gold necklaces and Gold Pendants
Scrap gold jewellery
Gold Sovereigns
Gold Half Sovereigns
Gold Kruggerands Gold and Silver Maundy sets
Gold Scrap Items
Gold Bullion Items
9 Carat Gold, 9ct
18 Carat Gold, 18ct
22 Carat Gold, 22ct
Foreign Gold, 14K, 15K and more...


We buy gold for cash, deal with a long established and trusted business

If you have any valuable items of Gold that you would like to sell then please call in to our shop in Scarborough.


We are also interested in buying items of jewelery such as rings, necklaces, Alberts, chains, pendants, antique jewellery and much more. We pay premium prices, and always make a no obligation offer.


we give a fair and no obligation price, please give us a try!


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* UK P&P £2.25 on most orders - Great Value (automatically added at checkout).

Worldwide Carriage/Postage £6.25 - Outside UK and Over £10, please click below to add the additional carriage charge to your order

Many products on this website are not available in the shop to buy, please phone before visiting.

Shop and Buy Online, or use a Printable Order Form, use our Contact Us Form.

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